Hi there, Jay Here 👋

A Software Engineer (individual contributor) with 5+ years of experience with a background in full-stack development and big data solutions. Passionate in developing great product offerings with great people, and great teams. Interested in systems engineering, software development, UI/UX and product management.

Excited to meet you please contact me on 📫 [email protected] Say Hello👋 on clubhouse @gandhijay

Profiles and Blog

Work History

  • Senior Software Engineer at ServiceNow - (From January 2019)

    • Collaborated with multiple teams across the company.
    • Tech Stack: Javascript (ES5, ES6), SCSS, Now UI Web Component Framework(Seismic), ServiceNow Platform
    • Developed Gantt/Grid Web Component using Now UI Framework (Seismic).
      • With Row virtualization and reusable modular code, Scaled up Grid rendering with 7000 rows.
    • Developed NodeMap (Relationship Map) Web Component using D3.js and Now UI Framework (Seismic).
    • Developed Work Planner & Project workspace.
    • Revamped Timesheet Service Portal. (35% reduction in customer incidents from the previous release)
    • Security Champion, Part of Performance and Accessibility Guild.
  • Full Stack Developer at Report Garden - (June 2017 to January 2019)

    • Worked on various Products across the company.
    • ReportGarden
      • Tech Stack: Ruby On Rails with React, Sidekiq with Redis, Multiple Postgres databases, python
      • Optimized Webpack builds and created customized pop-up forms for third-party websites for a feature. (Reduced deployment time to 20 min from 35 min.)
      • Built solution and framework with the help of Apache Spark with PySpark on EMR, various AWS services like Athena, Fargate, SES & Lambda for integration. (reduced the cost of integration by 80%)
    • Helium
      • Tech Stack: Java, Various AWS services like lambda, ECS, SQS, Fargate, etc.
      • Created a framework called drone which is background scheduled jobs in java which is based on AWS SQS.
      • Integrated various third-party APIs which give marketing data for ReportGarden. Maintained and Updated various integrations.
    • TribeLocal
      • Tech Stack: Java, AWS lambda, Ruby On Rails with React, Sidekiq with Redis, CircleCi
      • Created framework on Java (Scrapie) using JSoup to scrape various business directories which get details of the business. (90% reduction in total developer hours to integrate one directory)
      • Built PDF Report generation solution using chrome headless and AWS Lambda which resulted in scale and reliability than the PhantomJS solution.
  • Lead Developer at Discover Dollar - (December 2015 to June 2017)

    • Tech Stack: Node.js with express.js, MariaDB/MySQL and MongoDB, AngularJS, R, Apache Spark with PySpark, Amazon Web Services & Azure.
    • ✨Started as one of the earliest employees as an Associate Developer.✨
    • End to end responsibilities, Deployment to Azure VM machine/ AWS EC2s, Monitoring, Ownership of the code, managing databases, analyzing client requirements & coordinating with data scientists.
    • Recovered more than $1 million per quarter for the first client.
    • Worked on huge datasets with R, Python & later PySpark.
    • Managed Servers on Azure VM Machine for Apache Spark standalone cluster and Apache Zeppelin.
    • Check out LinkedIn recommendation by Subu Rao (CEO & Founder of Discover Dollar) & Sunil BN (Staff Software Engineer at ServiceNow).