Setting up my site

Hey everyone👋

I am Jay Gandhi and this is my first time writing a blog and hoping it might give some insights when you’re building the blog.

For this site, I’m using Hugo (hugo v0.86.0) and LoveIt theme by Dillon.

Why Hugo?

This is my very first blog with any tool ever. I was looking for something very simple that does not require any advanced knowledge or dependency on any tool or large dependencies to run the site (no node_modules😅). If you are thinking that I want faster things like some sites that shows comparisons between Hugo and Jekyll, that’s not the case with me. won’t be a size where scaling will an issue.

Jekyll requires the proper Ruby environment and is installed via gem. From experience (or inexperience)of the Ruby world, If Ruby is not managed using Ruby Version Manager (RVM), things can go haywire. Whereas Hugo, it’s a single binary file that does not have dependencies on anything. Even though it’s written in Go, it doesn’t matter which version of the Go is installed.

Plus, I was able to follow Hugo’s quick start guide and documentation with ease. Most of the themes have a quick start guide for you to start with.

Installing Hugo on MacOS

You can download a binary from their Github Release Page

or run below command using Homebrew (which requires ruby)

brew install hugo

then you can follow their Quick Start guide.

Starting with GH Pages


Repository setup


Deploy Script